A dinner at a restaurant can become really challenging when it involves allergic people. At the Spag&tini we pay close attention to food allergies and gluten intolerance.

It’s a growing reality that we need to manage in order to take all the necessary precautions. We have a very clear training policiy regarding food allergies at our restaurant.

In fact in our new menu we have listed all the gluten free dishes and we worked on gluten free sauce and a gluten free choice of pasta. For the kids menu, we offer an allergen free option.

The meat macaroni est a dishe made at Délice Complice, a company that delivers us scelled dishes that havn’t been in contact with any of the 9 major allergens (peanuts, nuts, sesame seeds, soy, milk, eggs, fish including seafood, wheat or any grain contaning gluten and sulphite.

You will just have to warn our waiters of your food allergies at the time of the order and then you can enjoy your meal without any concern.